Inspection of Vegas Strip Clubs

We know being your trip advisor to Las Vegas strip clubs we have big responsibility on our shoulders because your party to these gentlemen’s club somehow rely on us if you go on our limo and if we guide you to a wrong club on wrong time our reputation might go down and in order to keep our strong status we keep digging these Vegas strip clubs, again and again, to keep you updated.

We have published the latest guide for 2018 so you can be aware of each club in detail and decide the best for your fantasy.

Our guide is the most detailed guide of Vegas Strip clubs you can find elsewhere and put a lot of efforts in making it as much detailing as possible and thus we described some Factors related to girls and club and called them as Pleasure Factors:

How pleasure factors are calculated and what does that mean?

Erotic Factor:

The erotic factor is overall sexual pleasure fantasy factor that we calculate, the higher we rate any gentlemen’s club the better it is. This factor is based on girls performance in the club with you whether it’s on the main stage or lapdance or 1-1 with you in the VIP room.

Pressure factor:

The lower the pressure factor the better it is because the pressure factor is calculated on the bases of how pushy the girls are at the club. It obvious when you go to the club you need some time to adjust to the atmosphere and decide what girls to choose and when to choose. Dancers will ask you for a lap dance for your fun and to make money (We know girls there just love money) but a good dance with average pressure factor will indulge with you on friendly conversation have you relax and then ask for a VIP room service which is fine. But a girl that forces you immediately to the VIP room just want to rip holes in your pocket and we rated them as high pressure. (We advise you to say directly “NO” to these kinds of dancers because they can spoil your night).

High Mileage:

High mileage is a common factor and many of you must know what does it mean in Vegas Strip Clubs but let us show how we calculate this for you. When a girl swing on your lap while titties over your face she must do it as well as she could to satisfy you. If she doesn’t give her full performance like being slow or boring we rate her as low Mileage because she is not full filling you’re $ for the song. The higher the mileage the better it is.

High contact Lapdance:

As erotic as it sounds the higher the rating of this factor the better it is because you want a hard-on right? High contact lapdance are better for you because johnny thinks as more touchy the girl is during lapdance the better he feels. Now you decide what’s better for you. (Your choice)

Please note these all factors are solely based on our own personal experience of what we noticed in the club and what we have heard from our customers. This has nothing to do with any official ratings of the club.

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