Las Vegas Private Stripper

Las Vegas Strip clubs are great but Vegas private strippers make the environment Awesomely Crazy. You can also enjoy fully nude massages that you can’t have at strip clubs. Heyy there’s lot more private fun you can have like strippers + toys of your choice.

Johnny likes role play you will love it too when a stripper in nurse dress give you a hack of a show. Above all It is better & costs less than the strip club. It is less expensive more private and cleaner/safer than a massage parlor.

At Johnny vegas we make your experience memorable and let you hire stripper that knows how to make you and your friends happy. In this guide I will try to guide you why and how you should hire las vegas private dancer to your room.🙂

Lets discuss quick facts

why you should hire private stripper in las vegas

Make your Bachelor Party/Group Gathering Crazy and memorable

We all celebrate bachelor party once in our life so its should be safe , exciting and Crazy. Vegas private girls knows how to run show for you. Here’s also the example of breakdown of party and budget so you have an idea.

Suppose you are group of 6 peoples and wants Johnny Vegas to be your naughty host If you Call Johnny Vegas Club you will get a round-trip ride to the strip club and 2 drinks each for $240.  If you buy the bachelor 4 lap dances that is another $80.  Then if you do a VIP room for the bachelor, you are out another $500 minimum.  Then a 3rd drink each will put them out another $120.  you are out about $1,000 and only one guy has had any lap dances.  And the dancer is only topless and you are being harassed non stop by dancers in whom you are not interested.  The average spend inside a Las Vegas strip club for a bachelor party of 6 guys is over $1,800

But if you Call Johnny Vegas Club for a Las Vegas Private Stripper, you could get 2 girls to your room.  The girls would be fully nude, every one could get a lap dance and have money left over for tips.  You could have 3 bottles of premium liquor in your room for the cost of one round of drinks in the strip club.  The total cost would be about half.  You could get 3 or 4 strippers fully nude in your room for an hour with drinks for everyone for less than the average spend inside a Vegas strip club. Simply put, you get more for less with a Vegas stripper to your room.

Strip Clubs are Expensive

Strip Clubs in Las Vegas charge $140 and up for a 15 minute semi-private VIP room. An hour in the VIP starts at $500 and averages $800 to $1,000. Costs can go as much as $10,000 or more in some rooms after you include required bottle purchases. Plus, they add-on drink minimums. All this after you’ve bought drinks to get in the door. A private stripper to your room will give you a better show for less.

You Get The Girl You want In Your Room Without Spending Money First

You often have to settle for a different dancer inside the strip club than the one you really want. Your credit card gets charged before you see the Dancers. When you phone us Johnny Vega(num) for a stripper to come to you, then, you can get the dancer you desire. You tell us exactly what you want, and we send you a woman who looks like her. If you’re looking for a 5 feet 8inc cute Latino, you’ve come to the right place. OR if you are looking for a tall blonde. We’ve figured it out. We’ll send you a different female if you don’t like her appearance when she arrives. Unless and until you have a stripper in your room that pleases you, you are not out any money.

You Get Full Privacy In Your Room – You are the Owner of Room

Yes, there are some fantastic strip clubs in Vegas. Johnny visits all of them on a regular basis to update the reviews. Strip clubs rarely have individual VIP areas. A see-through curtain separates the “group” rooms or booths. A fully private room within a strip club is also quite costly. Best option is you and the dancer has a really wonderful hotel room that is as private as you want it to be. Unless you smoke, there is no smoke. There is no obnoxious level of noise. During your private dance, there will be no DJ talking. There are no undesirables. You and the stripper are the only ones in the room. What you think hire a stripper to come to you?

Now lets quickly discuss

How you should hire las vegas private stripper

It obvious there are many scams in vegas. It’s a Sin City and there are many stories of people getting scam – WE HATE SCAMS AS YOU DO


Before they do anything else, they will charge your credit card. Second, the female in the card is a model, so she won’t show up at your door. The female that shows up will not be attractive. The money is charged to your card by the card slapper agency, and the female who does show up will ask for cash “tips” just to get into your room, and then additional tips to strip, and so on.


The “ladies who want to meet you” truck is a familiar sight on Las Vegas Boulevard. They work in the same way that card slappers do. In fact, the same company that owns the trucks also owns the strip’s card slappers

Girls at Johnny Vegas knows how to give


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