Las Vegas Strip Clubs Dress Code

Dress code for Vegas strip clubs is really important to know when you are planning a trip to these clubs. Just imagine you and your pals have everything plan out for the night and you are already high with the excitement but denied entry at the club doors just because of dress you were wearing, Yes it can spoil your mood and excitement because you need to go back and change your dress which is a worse case.

But if you know what you can wear from start then it’s all good and you are in for a great night.

Dress Code Guidelines for Vegas Strip Clubs

As a general rule, as long as you look presentable you’ll get in. This means being freshly showered, wearing semi-conservative clothes, and looking like you have money to spend.

Casual Dress:

The Dress which is accepted by almost every club we called it as Casual Wear and in our guide, where we have mentioned dress code for each club.

What Casual Dress mean

  • NO Tank tops most clubs won’t allow them
  • NO Sandals or flip flops
  • NO Torn or ripped jeans
  • NO Sweatpants
  • NO Athletic shorts (basketball or training)
  • NO Jerseys
  • NOT Anything representing Gang or Club colors

It’s actually a good thing to look well-dressed at the club, the dancers will give you more attention without demanding a dance before they move on. If you look like you can’t afford it, they won’t even acknowledge your existence or do a drive-by “want a dance?”

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