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7 Reasons For Hiring Private Strippers in Las Vegas 2018

Las Vegas Strippers are the most talented strippers in the whole world either they are clubs full-time strippers or the private strippers! But why these Las Vegas Strippers are the best? This sin-city welcomes hundreds of tourists every day, some came here for group hangout while some come for meetings or etc and these Las Vegas Private strippers have good knowledge, skills and experience to welcome tourists like you.

Ok, so the point is if you have such crazy and thrilling atmosphere in strip clubs than why hiring a private stripper to your room in Vegas? The reason is simple and explained below in detail.

Hey, In this page you’ll also learn what to avoid in hiring Las Vegas Strippers.

(Let’s go deep it will take only 5 minutes but make sure your GF/Wife is not watching you!)

Las Vegas Strippers

1. Playing With Vegas Private Stripper Is Much Hotter!

Las Vegas strip clubs have high intense lap dance but there are always some boundaries of strip clubs that they must have to obtain. While with Vegas Private Strippers to your room it’s up to you how you and girl work out. People got desperate after lap dances in strip clubs and sometimes jizz in the pants but still, they can’t do anything. But in private room fun, they have much freedom of their feelings.

Wait: Have a look at our HOT STRIPPERS

Some strippers in strip clubs really don’t want you to come in your pants:

Now that it's happened to me before, I'll tell them, "Listen. When I'm dancing you need to not do that. If you are going to come, please give me a warning so I can stop dancing." — Ruby (stripper)

2. No Third Eye Is Watching You Like In Strip Clubs

It’s a human mind fact that if someone is watching us or interfering in our privacy we don’t like it. Yes, I don’t really like it! Unfortunately, in strip clubs, there’s always been the third eye watching us all over the time even if you are in the private room with the stripper.

I had a girl in the private dance room. We have cameras, you know; we watch the private rooms. She was bent over and she broke the cardinal rule: Never let the guy stand up. So the guy was standing up pretending to like dry hump her from the back, and then he pulled his dick out like he was going to put it in and I was here watching the cameras and caught it. But she was scared. We immediately grabbed the guy and let him out (not so nicely). You can’t violate the strippers. You cannot do that. — Mike Diaz, Manager (Strip Club)
Reference: Strip Club Etiquette
Strip Club Bouncer

Luckily, with a private stripper to your room, there’s no third eye. But that doesn’t mean you should not behave like a gentleman. Keep your fun time respectful so the girl will cooperate with you and you’ll be entertained.

3. Role-Plays, GFE, Girl-Girl Action, Full Nude Massage and Much More!!

How many of you like a girl on girl action? Is roleplay your fantasy? Or you want to be teased by full nude massage? It’s all here with Las Vegas private strippers coming to your room.

Here are some FANTASY ROLE-PLAY MODELS for you

This topic is broad and we can take discuss on it the whole day because trust us a girl on girl action is really naughty if you are a group of guys you can really enjoy this. Or if you are single want to get mingled than some role play with an entertainer and full nude massage can make things really hot.

Strip Clubs also give a girl on girl action but it’s not that all nude action I’m sure you are looking for and it is limited in a fun, while private stripper has no limit 😉

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Entertainer in Role Play

4. Hustle Factor and The Number of Choices

Even thou big strip clubs has hundreds of girls working at a moment but still, you found yourself in a position where you were getting a lap dance from a stripper you are not interested in. The strippers force you for a lap dance and some people find hard to say no after enforcement. However, in a situation like this, the best word when stripper ask’s you for a lap dance is “No thanks, I’m fine”.

In hiring private strippers you have choices and the hustle factor is ZERO if the agency you contacted has a good reputation.

5. The Environment Of Strip Club VS Private Stripper In Your Room

girl direct to room

Las Vegas strip clubs have some thrilling and high vibe environment. It would not be fair to not appreciate these giants clubs on maintaining their environment. These clubs have high volume music, outstanding lightings, and some smoky girls. If you are looking to move your ass hard on music or drink heavy with tripping clubs lights and while the flirty stripper is approaching you then strip club is your game.

An environment with a private stripper in your room is totally different from strip clubs. In your room, you or your guys are the bosses. You can play whatever you are in a mood like jazz, pop or rock whatever it’s up to you and the girl will cooperate with you and dance for you 😉

6. Entertainment Coming at Your Door Step!

Even thou if you request for Free limo either of clubs owns or from a company like Johnny Vegas Club you always reached the club in Style and with Comfort but sometimes you just want to stay at your place relaxed and want the fun to knock on your doors.

(A feeling of a hot blonde stripper at the door makes Johnny wet)

7. A Big Price Difference (More Fun At Cheaper Price)

Strip clubs in Vegas are expensive and if you compare them with Private strippers in Vegas than you’ll defiantly go with private strippers. It’s a really simple math and you are genius enough to do it.

Let’s assume you are a group of 4 guys.

You went to a strip club in Johnny Vegas Club free limo and pay for $40 deal for most of best strip clubs in Vegas so in total you already paid $160. Then at the club, each of you guys buys two additional drinks for $15 and had some private dance. Your bill will be $600 at least. If you hire Las Vegas private stripper with Johnny Vegas Club you’ll get 2 girls for $200 each. Means you will pay $400 for girls and still left with $200 on which you can pay the girls tip and buy yourself drinks.

In strip clubs, you are really unsure of prices and mostly it jumps high because you are in a fun mood and already high on drinks. It’s difficult to keep your mind focus on a budget all the time. Check our Vegas Strip Clubs Guide 2018 to learn more about strip clubs and prices.

How To Avoid Las Vegas Private Strippers SCAMS

One thing that we hate most is when a tourist or even locals of Las Vegas gets scammed. Look seriously it’s easy to get scammed in Vegas because here every other person is looking to full his/her pocket.

How People’s Are Getting Scammed These Days

    • False Advertisement On Websites Like Craigslist:

The personal section on Craigslist and websites like backpage have now been shut down due to the recent law but still, there are some classified ads you can find on the internet and those all are mostly scams. They show you with pictures of hot girls but those girls never come to your room. They are pictures of models stolen from Instagram, Pinterest or elsewhere from the internet. It’s so easy for a company to show pictures of hot girls that can easily impress and book you.
At Johnny Vegas Club, we only show you girls that can actually come to your room.

    • Girls From The Porn Cards, Street Promoters, Drivers, Uber and Lyft

Everyone in Vegas is looking to make money and these drivers and promoters are among the top list. You might get approached by street promoters and they will try to sell you porn cards through which you can request a girl to your room. What the thing wrong with them is they show you girls on the porn cards that actually will never show to your room they are models just to attract. The other problem is some agencies charge you upfront on your credit card and then the girl will come to your room. You need to tip that girl separately. Huge Issue here is what are your options if that girl comes which you are not hoping for? You already paid!

We don’t hate every promoter or driver some of them are great but we only afraid of taking chances.

keeping our relationship strong with our customers we direct girls to your room based on your likings. You won’t get surprised at your doorstep. For more, you can call us at 702.333.2167

    • Going Strip Club To Bring A Stripper:

If you have no issues in paying three times more to a girl than you can try visiting the club to bring your stripper.
These strippers make good money at night and the club doesn’t want them to leave. If you found yourself lucky by escaping the eyes to management and convincing the girl with you but you won’t be lucky in paying less.

“I would make more than the other girls, not because I was better than them. I’m curvy and a size 14/16. The other girls were size zero. I would bring in anywhere between £300-£380 a night. Most of it was lap dance money.” Ruby Winchester, worked in a strip club in the US for four years.
reference: Stripper questions answered

PS: If a company like us provide you wrong service than you can give us your complaint and have an option to leave us bad reviews. Since in today's online world where every online review matters the most for any business, No reputable online company can afford a risk of bad customer reviews. But if the street promoter or driver do such thing what you can do?