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7 Awesome Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

Unique, Crazy, Wild, Full of Fantasy Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

This is not a secret and everybody knows Vegas is famous for hosting wildest and craziest bachelor parties in ENTIRE UNIVERSE!

We understand every guy wants to be high and live out the extreme fantasy during few days of bachelor party time in Vegas. (Yes you deserve to get a hangover, MAN this time won’t come again)

However, for having a perfect bachelor party you need to be perfect in arranging all things and that’s where things become a bit difficult. Without sources, proper information and guidance you can still have a bachelor party in Vegas but it won’t be Juicy, Crazy and Memorable. (I BET YOU)

Just so you can have a party to talk and think about even when you become old having no Teeth’s left, we dig deep into the heart of Vegas to bring out the best Vegas Bachelor party ideas for you.

(BTW, Johnny love’s VODKA during the party)

Without further talk let’s see Awesome Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas

Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas
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Vegas Pool Party

(big pool, big stars, cabanas, top DJs, a giant video screen, and Champagne Showers - It has ALL )

Pool party in Vegas is something you should definitely think about, Vegas is damn hot and diving in the pool feels like beautiful girl rubbing ice on the body.

As Vegas is a hot place the average temperature of water feels relaxing. But Hey Vegas pool party is different than what you think of, it’s an ideal situation for a group on a bachelor party. HOW?

The answer is clear, did your groups like DJ’s and music? Love to intake lots of drink? Want to see water dripping down from hot girl’s body? Pool party in Vegas covers all of these in the most incredible way that you would consider yourself a rock-star living out an enriched luxury life.

Pool Party Entertainment At Next Level

Several hotels in Vegas offer pools but only consider visiting places with not just pool but where the party is happening.

There are many pool party places in Vegas that just take Entertainment to next level.

Some of them which we like are.

Best Pool Party Places In Vegas:

“daylight mandala bech”
A big pool, big stars, and a big stage with its own parking lot

“Encore Beach Club at Wynn”
Lots of space, cabanas, and maybe even Conor McGregor

“Wet Republic at MGM Grand”
Pure chaos with top DJs, a giant video screen, and Champagne Showers
The Wet Republic has always taken pool party to another level and now on Wednesday night pool party carries on at dark.

Helpful: Best Pool Parties Calendar

Peace sign from Kim Kardashian 😉

kim kardashian

Idea 2

Fly Fighter Jet

(Have you ever dreamed of being a fighter pilot?)

sky combat

You might consider yourself a fighter pilot after few shots of vodka and ride a girl like a pilot. But this is a real shit, In Vegas now you can be a fighter pilot and there are several flight plans that range from a 10-minute flight over the desert landscape to an extended lesson on low-level flying and aerial acrobatics to an ultimate 50-minute dogfight against your best friend or companion.

Huge Story To Share

Flying Jet is a unique activity that your bachelor party group can do, although expensive if you are on a budget you should consider this. After all, you will have a huge story to share about with your upcoming partner “Honey I can ride high and fast 😉 ”

Service Providers:

They are the trusted company for arranging this program in Vegas, although we are not partnered with them we recommend them to our users because we believe they took good care.

PS: Few things we just dreamed about in whole life and flying a fighter Jet while bombing at the target is one of them.


Vegas Strip Clubs

(Now it feels like a Crazy Bachelor Party)

One of the old school and every-green bachelor party place are gentlemen’s club in Vegas.

People all around the world come to visit strip clubs in Vegas simply because they are the best with beautiful girls from around the world giving high intense and high mileage lap dance.

When you visit strip clubs with your group of guy’s things get more crazy and wild because the strippers in these clubs are waiting for you and they are highly trained to get you in the mood the moment you step inside the club.

Strip clubs in Vegas are so huge and successful that some have more than 400 strippers working in the club during weekends.

Remember Vegas is famous with the name SIN-CITY, not Disney Land.

Review this awesome article “Vegas Strip Club Guide 2018” it will give you an insight of all the best strip clubs in Vegas.

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NOTE: Selecting a single movie out of several good movies is not easy similarly selecting a strip club which will fulfill your group fantasy out of many strip clubs in Vegas is not easy. It’s where you need experts like Johnny Vegas Club to arrange things for you.

PS: Crazy atmosphere, High Music, Hot girls from around the world combined together to give epic night you won’t forget easily! It’s Vegas BABY!

Idea 4

Indoor and tandem skydiving

(“Vegas Indoor Sky Diving”. Yes, the name says it all!)

Indoor Skydiving

In Vegas, anything can be possible and one of the examples is “Vegas Indoor Sky Diving”. Yes, the name says it all! You don’t need a plane to skydive anymore; just head over to Vegas Indoor Skydiving, where you’ll experience the same adrenaline rush without having to worry about the weather, a parachute or crashing into a cow. A giant fan that creates wind speeds of up to 120 miles per hour lifts the skydiver and holds him or her aloft for an exhilarating three minutes. It’s also a great first step for those who’ve hesitated to try skydiving.



For more details and to dig deep into indoor skydiving in Vegas visit this link

For price details and for your party packages visit

Words from one of bachelor party group “We always wanted to do a skydive so we thought we should give this a try to get an idea of what it would be like!!! It was AWESOME!!!”

Tandem Extreme Skydiving

Skydiving in Vegas


If you have guts and want to take things to next level than Vegas also offer extreme Skydiving where you’ll free fall at 120 + MPH and enjoy incredible views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, the Las Vegas Strip, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston.

Head over to they are the best in the business and offers the highest jump in NEVADA. The higher it is the craziest it is!


Gun Shooting Experience

(Be Sylvester Stallone from Movie Rambo)

Vegas shooting experienceInspired by Hollywood movies or want to become Silvester from the movie Rambo? This is your dream chance in Vegas where you will be put on the battlefield with over 350 different weapons systems to choose from. From handguns and pistols to fully automatic rifles, sub-machine guns to belt-feds and .50 calibers, it’s all here at Vegas!

(Secret: Johnny has crushed some cars with tanks at Vegas Battlefield Experience!) has some powerful weapons and gives you real battlefield Experience. Get the taste of World War BABY!

PS: If you want to fire like Robert Di nero of heat 1995 then you have the opportunity to have two-Hundred Rounds In 1.3 Seconds with fully automatic machine guns. Sounds Crazy? It is!

Idea 6

ATV Ride & Off-Road Tours

(Riding on Grand Canyon Rim Areas)

We all drive our cars right nothing special? But an ATV adventure is something unique and towards next level. You and your guests will have an adrenaline filled experience with many options of scenery that range from the rock spires in Eldorado Canyon to the challenging trails of the Mojave Desert to the picturesque Valley of Fire State Park. You can even tour parts of the Grand Canyon rim areas and the trails around Lake Mead on your very own ATV.
You don’t need or worry about the experience of riding ATV because these are the trips designed for keeping beginners in minds. If you consider yourself expert there are plans for you also.
Race with your group on dessert or ride a hill, these moments will be great and besides riding on the rocky hills your friendship bond will get stronger.
ATV rides in Las Vegas

There are companies that pick you up from the hotel and take you to ATV ride they also drop you back at your hotel.

One of the Company offering such services and doing good is Las Vegas ATV Tours

For prices and more details, visit here

PS: At night you probably plan visiting strip clubs or casino so ATV Riding is one of the best and affordable daytime activities in Vegas.

Idea 7

Private Girls To Your Room

(Things get hotter here, isn’t it?)

Vegas know that you are a sweet boy and you need honey from Queen Bee. If you feel shy at visiting strip clubs or if you want to get real hands-on in private room than you can have a girl direct to your room. In Vegas girls going to hotel rooms are very common and many people use this service, we all know bachelor party needs all kind of fun and having beauty to your room to make you relax and fresh is one of it.

We know you are a cute innocent boy but In Vegas, cuteness is with a cute girl in your room.

With us “You always has a choice” and the girls we direct to your room first says “Let me be your Fantasy” if looking for role-playing? We got covered!

Call us at 702.333.2167 or message us.

(BTW, Johnny score 3 goals at night 😉 )

Private girls to your room